A Walkmanphone must go further

  The camera viewfinder and video playbackonly occupy part of the available space.Opening up the flip you get a full-colourscreen, although the quality of the small 220x176-pixel display isnot particularly impressive. Runners and walkers will be particularlyimpressed with the built – in pedometer, which provides a wealth ofdata to pore over during and after your training.

The Sony Ericsson W710i model meets the audio challenge by coming supplied with half agigabyte of storage, external controls, and a sensible set ofheadphones.Moreover, this is a phone that is not just built to appealto those on the move. However, thispassive display is a limited monochrome affair, which shows orangetext on a black background. There are nice touches,however. The LCD is large, so that it is easy to readthe track details without needing to open the phone.The Sony Ericsson W710i doesn't give a Walkman badge to just any old MP3 playing phone.

 A Walkmanphone must go further, offering a package and acoustic experiencethat is designed for those that take their music on the moveseriously. It is to be mentioned the set also takes up a newchallenge that is how to provide a great musical experience tojoggers, other sporty types and health fanatics. Afterall most mobiles have some form of onboard media player.Sony Ericsson W710i . The phone W710i looks reasonably robustbut Sony Ericsson hasn't gone to the max and provided theweatherproofing and shock-protection that some previous phonesdesigned for active lifestyles have provided.The rubber panels at the side of the external screen providefull MP3 track control with fast forward, rewind and China Auto Rubber Seals Manufacturers play buttonsfalling easy to hand